Bülbüls are a family of medium sized songbirds. In general they are resistant to human pressures on the environment and are tolerant of disturbed habitat. The song of the Bulbul is described as "the most unattractive noises made by any bird"



"That is a fine day," I said. "What are you doing with a lamb in the white morning?"
"I can give you a question as good as that," he responded. "Can you notify me of the meaning of a Bulbul?"
"A bulbul?"
"What would you say a Bulbul is?"
This conundrum did not interest me but I pretended to rack my brains and screwed my face in perplexity until Ifelt it half the size it should be.
"Not one of those ladies who take money?" I said.
"Not the brass knobs on a German steam organ?"
"Not the knobs."
"Nothing to do with the independence of America or suchlike?"
"A mechanical engine for winding clocks?"
"A tumor, or the lather in a cow's mouth, or those elastic articles that ladies wear?"
"Not them by a long chalk."
"Not an eastern instrument played by Arabs?"
He clapped his hands.
"Not that but very near it," he smiled, "something next door to it. You are a cordial intelligible man. A Bulbul is an Austrian rockband. what do you think of that now?"

(Flann O'Brien / The Third Policeman)

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